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Valentina Thörner leadership remote

Valentina Thörner – remote leadership

In this episode with Valentina Thörner (pronounced Turner), we talked about the following:

  • She explained why remote working has changed during the pandemic.
  • During the hiring period at Automattic, you are not talking to a live person.
  • People who like to be at the office, but hate the commute to the office.
  • People who want to work from home, not because they hate people, but because they love their life.
  • Why becoming a parent changed her view and experience with habits and productivity.
  • The guilt of wanting to be more productive.
  • The shift from now I am at home and now I am working from home has a lot to do with habit creation.
  • The remote leadership radar
  • Our brains are not wired for a remote world, our brains would like to people in person.
  • Have places where people can virtually meet with people on hobbies and other topics.
  • Onboarding in a remote and distributed environment and how many people you want in the network for new employees where they can ask questions.
  • A community of neighbors that help each other during the kids’ holiday breaks from school.
  • As a leader, you want to stimulate the hobbies of your team members.
  • Create a community for yourself to meet people having fun with, without being in a dating environment.

Valentina Thörner is remote leadership expert, supporting tech companies at the executive level to create distributed reality that works for the entire team. She has over decade of experience in coaching and mentoring managers who understand that leading remote teams requires new skills – skills that can be learned. She runs on trails to think


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