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Mihai Banulescu one connected life

Mihai Banulescu – How To Be Playfully Productive

In this episode with Mihai Banulescu, we talked about:

  • Growing up in Romania he was advanced in math coming to the US. Going into computers was a natural thing.
  • Agile and Ruby are written for developer happiness.
  • The episode with Maud Slich on testing of software
  • The lesson he learned from volunteering during his college years in New Hampshire.
  • How he developed the productivity game with David Braun.
  • If you don’t get good at execution, your planning doesn’t matter.
  • Doing 23 minutes of really focused work, then take a break and start the next cycle with 2 minutes reviewing what you did.
  • Habit Coach Certification
  • Teach people that are already very productive, to take a five-minute break.
  • There is a gift in starting and stopping, as long as you can relax in between.
  • To be human is play and joy. Do as little work as possible, to have more time to play and joy.
  • His life’s purpose is to reinvent education.
  • Sudbry school and agile learning centres.
  • Conversation with Maria Alvarez Garzia – Rethink how we think about education.
  • How do I make that in-the-moment choice?
  • The six-word memoir.
  • Finite and Infinite Games is a book by James P. Carse.
  • In order to be playful, you have to have a choice.
  • Do I have any worth when I am not producing for people?
  • Coddiwomple – to travel purposefully without a set destination.

You will learn to appreciate and nurture connections of all kinds.

He coaches (teaches) whatever inspired and transformed his own life— blues partner dancing, authentic connection, productivity-integrity, meditation-prayer, and coddiwompling.

Unlike most productivity training, he will guide you to introduce small but very effective habits/tools which will (hopefully) have an immediate positive impact on your life. This in turn will motivate you to ask for the next habit/tool, and so on.

Part of his philosophy is that being human is more important than being productive, and that rhythm and rest play a huge part in both happiness and productivity. In the end, it is possible for your work to be a kind of playful meditation which actually increases the amount of energy available to you for the other parts of life.



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