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Maud Schlich The Qualiteers

Maud Schlich – Agile Testing

In this episode with Maud Schlich, we talked about:

  • A niche on
  • Testing software, what do you need to learn.
  • Where do you start as a test engineer?
  • Why you want to involve testers as early as possible.
  • How she organizes the work in her business with the other team members.
  • Habits of testers.
  • Her keystone habit and the Momentum app in the browser.
  • How to stay free and authentic.
  • The advantages of chat-based coaching for Maud and her clients.
  • How she gets clients.
  • The importance of the testing board and the certification.

Maud Schlich founded Maud Schlich THE QUALITEERS in 2004. She coaches quality managers, test managers and development teams especially in the agile context, so that they continuously optimize their processes to produce products that fulfill their intended use effectively and efficiently.

She previously was manager of R&D at Pfaff Industrie Maschinen AG and before that a business area manager at the Fraunhofer Institute for Experimental Software Engineering (FhG IESE) and manager of the Competence Center for Software Technologies and Training – a part of FhG IESE focusing on the transfer of base practices, she focused her research for many years in inspections and testing as well as in maturity models.

She is author of Softwaretesten nach ISTQB® für dummies (Softwaretesting according to ISTQB® for dummies) and co-author of “Reviews in der System- und Softwareentwicklung” (Reviews in system and software development).

As a member of the German Testing Board she is constantly part of the development and improvement of the software testing qualification scheme.

You can find Maud Schlich here: