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Cherry Jeffs the creative practice

Cherry Jeffs – The Creative Practice

In this episode with Cherry Jeffs, we talked about:

  • What is an artist’s book?
  • Using habits in the creative process.
  • Creating a piece of art every day for one year.
  • One of the first coaches of
  • The training of getting back into the habit faster, when you drop off.
  • Most creatives are very hard on themselves.
  • Build the patience, stamina, and self-belief that you will finish it.
  • Time is elastic, depending on what you ar doing.
  • The daily check-in is very effective to start the habit to create.
  • Writing a good profile page is the hardest and most important thing to do as a coach.
  • As a coach, you need to ask questions.
  • Writing the profile page is not about us, it has about the client’s problems and needs.
  • Reading The Artist Way
  • When does she sell via her personal website and when via

Cherry Jeffs is a UK-born artist who specialises in creating Artists’ Books. Her studio practice artfully blends myths and allegories to express the intersection of culture and identity in both personal and universal visual narratives. Her artwork is in private collections across the globe. Cherry is also a writer on the creative process and an experienced coach who has empowered hundreds of artists, writers, and other creatives to build regular and joyful routines, finish their projects and develop their careers.

You can find Cherry Jeffs here: