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Anna Zoladkiewicz – Conscious Leadership burnout

Anna Zoladkiewicz – Conscious Leadership

In this episode with Anna Zoladkiewicz, we talked about:

  • Having shelter and being grateful.
  • Building a support system.
  • Chasing success and wanting more.
  • Burnout and panic attacks.
  • Slowing down and looking inward.
  • The tools that she uses to focus, reduce stress and take care of the panic attacks.
  • Co-active coaching is a combination of being and doing.
  • Inner Development Goals.
  • Conscious leadership – emotions, empathy, assertiveness
  • Coming from now, thinking about the future in a sustainable way.
  • Book Leadership is a choice (Dutch Leiderschap is een keuze) by Dominique Haijtema.
  • What is important to you and your family is a safe space.
  • The red zone, the yellow zone, and the green zone for your emotions.
  • Using habit to recover from burnout and deal with stress.
  • book Atomic habits – James Clear
  • A group or buddy for accountability and a support system.
  • In burnout, it is okay to ask for help. Don’t stay lonely.

With energy, passion, and experience, Anna collaborates with purpose-driven leaders and entrepreneurs in managing their potential.

With Anna as your coach, you will gain freedom, confidence, time, and space to scale up your career.

You can find Anna Zoladkiewicz here: