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Christopher Downing – creative spark for writing

Christopher Downing – creative spark for writing

In this episode with Christopher, we talked about:

  • how to move from typing to dictation.
  • self-confidence and your voice.
  • struggles to start with dictation.
  • The creative voice constricted.
  • From purpose via creative spark to your voice.
  • Artist or healer?
  • Money is energy. Having smart boundaries around money.
  • Are you doing it for the shoulds or from the heart?
  • Helping people who are struggling is a part of his personal growth.
  • Stress is the destroyer of all things. Nothing good comes from stress.
  • The critical voice and the creative voice.
  • Developing good habits based on your creative voice.
  • Why Chris left social media.
  • How to succeed as a coach and entrepreneur without social media.
  • How Chris uses as a landing page.
  • Specialize in your packages.
  • All his clients are referrals.
  • Two new writing books he is working on.

Chris was born in Singapore and grew up in crazy places like Iran and California. Since then, he explored things like school and leadership in natural foods and eventually ended up being a writer. Somehow, all that culminated in a coaching gig that’s working out pretty well.

Now he guides other writers who’ve lost touch with their creative spark. They call him Captain Authenticity.

He hasn’t been on social media since 2016.

You can find Coach Chris here: