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Alberto Cabas Vidani content

Alberto Cabas Vidani – Consistent content creation

In this episode with Alberto, we talked about:

  • His Ph.D. experience made him shift from research to building a solo business.
  • Digital Photography School by Darren Rowse is a great online business example.
  • A computer in his family home and a modem at a young age started his interest in computers.
  • The feeling of scaling his work with the computer and the internet was the main motivation to start in computer science.
  • a difficult question non-native-English content creators.
  • The niche of the topic you want to create content on is less important than you might expect.
  • Start with a long list of the problems that your audience has with your topic.
  • Start publishing content as soon as possible and do not overthink the niche.
  • You need to publish a lot of content with limited results before you learn enough about your audience.
  • Pick a topic that you really like, so you keep the motivation to produce content and increase the speed of content creation.
  • Focus on the small wins to keep going.
  • Medium is a form of gamification with views, claps, comments, and earnings.
  • Chat coaching makes it easier for Alberto to help authors to write every day, with frequent and brief interactions.
  • Creators can use AI for topics, research, and more. AI will be the content creation assistant.
  • For authors, it is good to get daily triggers, join a group to learn, keep motivated, and have a list of 50 problems or topics to keep going a publishing content.
  • Create a rhythm that fits your lifestyle and keep that rhythm.

Alberto helps aspiring content creators become prolific by starting with writing every day.
You will become a consistent content creator, improve your skills, and increase your reach.

He was born and lives in Italy. In 2010 he started on the right path, making a living by helping others through content.
He launched a blog about photography and brought it to 300k pageviews per month.
Then he got sidetracked.
Writing on Medium is his attempt at redemption.

You can find Alberto here: