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Kendra Kinnison ChatGPT AI

Kendra Kinnison on AI – like ChatGPT – for coaches

In this episode with Kendra, we talked about:

  • The platform is omnichannel and asynchronous.
  • Create images on Midjourney, tried, playing with various AI tools.
  • An accelerated coaching membership with a resources library.
  • Use ChatGPT for coaching messages. Be sensitive about confidentiality.
  • Kendra gives an example of how you could do this.
  • Get the initial draft going for your website and coaching package.
  • Retain the human awesomeness.
  • Use AI to improve the marketing for your coaching business.
  • Dance with it. Suspend your opinion.

Interesting talk Esther Perel on The Other Ai: Artificial Intimacy | SXSW 2023

Kendra is the CEO of and Managing Partner at  Ruble, Leadbetter & Associates, LLC.

You can find Kendra here: