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Todd Gorishek career confidence men

Todd Gorishek – Career and confidence for men

In this episode with Todd, we talked about:

  • Coaching to reduce chaos in the world.
  • The value of one man working with another man. Steel sharpens steel.
  • Going through midlife crises.
  • Starting men’s circles.
  • Selling everything he owns and moving to Ecuador.
  • Coaching from any beach in the world.
  • Habits are like a muscle.
  • Challenging yourself to learn and to practice.
  • Goal setting is the keystone habit.
  • ICF for standardization of good coaching practice.
  • Find a coach that challenges you.
  • A business coach to support building your coaching practice.
  • The prospect calls are a great tool.
  • Bringing strength and compassion into the world.
  • The four male archetypes, lover, warrior, magician, and king.

Todd is a dedicated Men’s Career and Confidence Coach. He has been involved in helping men unlock their full potential and achieve their personal and professional goals for over 20 years. He received his coach training with Newfield Network.

Because of having to work through his own challenges of confidence and self-esteem, Todd brings an insightful perspective to men who get stuck moving forward achieving their goals, and living in their fullest potential because of imposter syndrome or not feeling good enough.

Todd has journeyed through three career transitions, been in a 40-year relationship, that includes divorce and separation, has raised two incredible sons, and since 2016 has been living in South America, learning a new language, and enjoying new cultures, all while coaching full-time online.

You can find Todd here: