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Sophie Wade new work

Sophie Wade – Human-centric Leadership

In this episode with Sophie Wade, we talked about the following:

  • 1:30 transition from strategic work to flexible work
  • 2:45 What we need to know about ourselves and different generations – developing empathy
  • 5:00 How she got more focussed during her work days, by working fewer days, and it improved quality family time.
  • 5:46 What she learned about Millenials and Gen Z
  • 7:20 Technology’impact on millennials
  • 9:40 What are the differences with Gen Zs? Concerns about Job security, staying current, and upskilling
  • 11:30 New roles emerging
  • 13:50 How can leaders attract people to work for them?
  • 17:30 Help them keep learning
  • 19:10 Empathetic leadership – seeing life from their point of view
  • 21:30 Co-create together
  • 22:00 Love is the killer app – Tim Sanders
  • 24:00 Decentralised decision making
  • 26:15 Impact and consequences of the pandemic
  • 27:20 Gen is not being intentionally disruptive it’fresh eyes
  • 30:00 How to develop empathy and empathy habits
  • 30:30 Helen Riess and Frans de Waal
  • 32:50 Three kinds of empathy – Cognitive, affective, and act with empathy
  • 35:19 How to start meeting positively to create connection

Sophie Wade is a work futurist and Workforce Innovation Specialist at Future-of-Work consultancy, Flexcel Network. Over 550,000 people have taken her LinkedIn video courses on Gen Z, Future of Work skills, and empathy.

Sophie’s executive advisory work and transformative workshops help leaders adapt to digitalized business conditions and modern work and attract, engage, and retain a multigenerational distributed workforce.

Sophie has written two books on the Future of Work, the most recent one is “Empathy Works: The Key to Competitive Advantage in the New Era of Work” [5/2022]. Sophie hosts the internationally popular podcast “Transforming Work with Sophie Wade”.

You can find Sophie Wade here:

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