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Temi Oduba – Coaching Leaders for Resilience

In this episode with Temi Oduba, we talked about the following:

  • Typical executive coach clients are “those who can affect change”
  • Common executive coaching topics include building confidence, imposter syndrome, managing change with resilience
  • A case study of someone who gained confidence and overcame imposter syndrome
  • Resilience can be getting back up when things don’t go your way – remember the only thing you can control is yourself
  • It’s important in leadership to know yourself, so you can be proactive to be prepared to deal with situations before they arise.
  • How to be coachable – have an open, growth mindset, be curious
  • Get to know a coach with a chemistry call
  • A coach is a dedicated thinking partner to challenge assumptions
  • How to prepare for a coaching session if you’ve never been coached before
  • Wheel of Life exercise is a way to identify the gap of satisfaction
  • Becoming comfortable with vulnerability as a way to build resilience. Finding partners with whom we are safe to disclose our vulnerabilities.

Temi is an executive coach and accredited EMCC Practitioner with over 17 years’ experience in the Leadership and Development Space.

She is dedicated to helping her clients thrive, by working with their strengths and reinforcing their ability to be resilient in times of challenge. Temi uses an integrated coaching approach and supports her clients’ exploration by developing a resonate, trusting environment. Examples of areas Temi has partnered with her clients to address include leadership development, career transition and building confidence as a leader.

As a former Director of Programmes, in Executive Education at London Business School and Leader at Harvard, Temi has gained a deep understanding of the nuances and challenges facing leaders today. Enabling Temi to appreciate her client’s position which in turn facilitates the creation of a trusted relationship. She has partnered with organisations globally to include, Nestle, Abbott, Société Générale, Adidas, Exxon and Spencer Stuart. Energising, transformational and insightful are just some of the terms used by clients to describe their experience of working with Temi.

As a woman of colour, Temi proudly aims to expand the image of coaching to include people that look like her! Temi lives in Southwest London with her partner Greg and her 2 young children.

You can find Temi Oduba here:

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