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Ken Yarina – New Product Development and Team Dynamics

In this episode with Ken Yarina, we talked about the following:

  • product development team characteristics – many diverse experts on a team
  • communication is key
  • network model – when more than 2 people – communication becomes exponentially complex
  • program manager role is to align team with org strategy and keep team aligned
  • people can’t think when overloaded – multi-tasking reduces productivity
  • Keep the main thing the main thing
  • Create sub-teams that communicate with each other more frequently and report back to the larger team
  • best practices for remote work – camera on, start meetings 10 minutes early with coffee/social time, create a custom map on Google Maps for international teams
  • pros and cons of virtual meetings
  • finding your mastery skillset to guide career
  • Autonomy – Mastery – Purpose
  • democratizing executive coaching
  • Elliot Jacques – executive leadership
  • older professionals moving into leadership
  • manager as career coach
  • trends for the future of teams

Ken is a seasoned product development pro and innovator in the medical device world. He’s held many roles in Fortune 500 companies from research to product support. Ken has a knack for turning ideas a practical solutions for industry needs and has led multiple products to market. He is a chemical engineer and boasts certifications in Lean, Design for Six Sigma, and Agile team leadership.  Ken balances his professional pursuits by being adventurous with his son Benjamin, backpacking, fixing up a classic Land Rover, and learning the guitar.

You can find Ken Yarina here:


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