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Tyler Sellhorn

Tyler Sellhorn – move from “command & control” to “collaborate & connect”

In this episode with Tyler Sellhorn, we talked about the following:

  • Listening closely to the learner and centering the understanding of the learner centrally.
  • Teaching is about what you are hoping to accomplish and solving from that backward.
  • As leaders to be invitational.
  • Express power to others instead of over others.
  • We want to see them grow inside and outside their role and company.
  • One of the first remote workers were naval captains.
  • There is no substitute for connection.
  • We had over-optimized for office work.
  • Bringing mentorship and apprentices back to work.
  • Intentional togetherness – Annie Dean at Atlassian.
  • Unconditional positive regard – Carl Rogers
  • For leaders, imagine yourself as a helper, as a coach.
  • Invitational leadership.

Once, Tyler was a technology-oriented teacher; now, he’s a teaching-oriented technologist. Tyler is an advocate for remote-first workplaces broadly including serving as the host of “The Remote Show” podcast from We Work Remotely. At his core, he’s an enthusiastic, empathetic educator with a passion for leveraging technology to help others become their best selves.

You can find Tyler Sellhorn here:




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