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The Magical Power of Morning Pages

Today’s featured coach, Jen Anderson, will teach you how to unblock your creativity and gain focus by writing Morning Pages every day. Read on to learn how the ritual practiced by successful entrepreneurs, artists, and business leaders including Tim Ferriss can help you tap into your full potential. Claim your free week of coaching with the promo code WRITE.

Morning pages is a daily habit popularized by Julia Cameron in her international bestseller, The Artist’s Way. The practice involves writing stream of conscious style in a notebook every morning. 

It’s ridiculously simple. It’s also ridiculously effective at improving your focus and creativity.

Here’s what you have to do: find a pen and paper and write whatever first comes to your mind, usually for three pages. If you don’t know what to write, you can just write that: “I don’t know what to write. I don’t know what to write. I don’t know what to write…”

At first, you’ll feel silly writing your mind’s gibberish into a notebook. You’ll write about mundane things: the coffee you drank earlier that day or what you did yesterday. You’ll get out the fury of thoughts that tend to bounce around your brain and distract you during the day: unfinished errands, work tasks ahead, issues with friends/family, self-criticisms, worries, and reflections.

And then something magical will happen.

By writing down your racing thoughts and acknowledging them, they’ll stop distracting you so much. Your mind will be clearer. You’ll find it easier to focus. And you’ll have the mental bandwidth to be more creative in your work.

Julia Cameron describes morning pages as “spiritual windshield wipers.” They wipe away the things that block your vision, so that you face the day with the clearest view possible. Morning pages set you up to do your best work.

Hire Jen today to build a morning pages routine that will help you reach your full creative potential and do your best work, every day. She’ll guide you on how to write morning pages, build the practice into your daily routine, and maneuver the daily writing process. She’ll also keep you accountable with regular check-ins and a personal contract to yourself. Get your first week of coaching free with the promo code WRITE.