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Why You Should Hire An Executive Coach Today

Here’s something that I think is crazy and backwards… why do most people wait until they are already an executive to get their first executive coach?

If you want to be a CEO, founder, VP, or any sort of leader, shouldn’t you start working on that right now?

Yes, of course. And Coach Kendra Kinnison is an executive coach who can help you excel and grow no matter where you are in your career. We’ve featured Coach Kendra before and she’s one of our best business coaches.

She’ll have you start by working on how you set and follow priorities. That’s not just a productivity habit—that’s about winning at business. If you read her testimonials (there are 23 of them), you’ll get immediately that all of us have another level that Kendra can help us reach.

BTW, when we pick and feature coaches, it’s always based on the results that we see from other clients. Coach Kendra is killing it—that’s why we are featuring her again.

Today’s feature is good for up to 20 people. You can try Coach Kendra’s coaching risk-free for one week with the promo code PRIORITIZE.

So, enough of me talking. In the spirit of “show don’t tell”, here’s a story from Coach Kendra about how prioritizing changed her life:

“On Monday, June 25, 2012 I kicked off what shaped up to be the most productive 10-day stretch of my working life.

I would have never predicted it, and I didn’t even realize it until I started preparing for my next Weekly Review. In fact, my previous experiences would have led me to think just the opposite: a period of burnout or sickness was likely. It had been intense on just about every front, and I’ve had very little rest.

But just the opposite happened. And I think I know why…

All my life, I’ve been focused on goals and results. I’ve always had a particular target (or two or twelve) that I was aiming for.

But for the last weeks, I’d lived differently than I ever have before. Steven Pressfield calls it “turning pro” and that’s pretty spot on. Somewhere in this journey, I gave up on aiming for a particular result. Instead, I began to trust in the plans that I’d selected with the guidance of mentors and focused on just doing those things every day.

I’d turned my top priorities into habits I did every day: morning exercise and prayer, focusing on only 3 key tasks: reading something inspiring, recognizing something to be thankful for, and reviewing my calendar for the next day.

Instead of fighting so hard to be successful, I just adopted successful habits. And when I was buried under stress, they took over. My autopilot kicked in, and it had been trained to get the right things done.”

Coach Kendra’s new routine helped her excel as a CEO managing over 250 employees, build a business, and host a podcast, while still having time to compete in triathalons and read over 100 books a year. It became the foundation that has kept her momentum moving in a positive direction ever since.

Here’s what to do to get started:

Step 1: Hire Coach Kendra as your executive coach. The first 20 people to hire her as a coach today will get their first week of coaching free with the promo code PRIORITIZE.

Step 2: You’ll share your schedule with her and she’ll give your commitments and schedule a fresh and realistic look. You’ll sort through what energizes you and what drains you. In the process you’ll clarify your most important goals so that your daily activities focus on work that helps you achieve them.

Step 3: Then Coach Kendra help you design a daily routine that maximizes your productivity. Layer by layer, you’ll build habits that bring you closer to your goals everyday. She’ll be in touch every day to provide healthy accountability and navigate challenges as they come up.