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Tips to Serve Better as a Habit Coach with Shonté Jovan Taylor

A lot of us don’t have a goal when we’re younger. That’s part of a little bit of the bad news I have for you as a neuroscientist. You have no idea the depths of your human potential. You have no idea of the depths of your brain potential in order to go to the highest level of yourselves and to help others to do the same.

And the reason I say you have no idea, is because that’s a measurable, it’s a measurable how far we can go in this life, how much we can expand. How much we can serve.

And it’s kind of arrogant to think that we can measure our potential. Right.

What I want to do today is just share a few tips with you. If you will, inspirational tips to move you, uh, as you continue your journey in service as a habit coach. So I always tell my graduates and students. Every next level of you will require another level of your brain power.

Every next level of you will require another level of your brain power. You can quote that. So I always give out my golden brain, so people could be reminded about how powerful their brains are. And we know that. Habits take place in the brain, right? Uh, guided by our higher mind. So the first thing I want you to know as newly certified habit coaches is that I don’t want you to underestimate the power that you have to make a difference.

Mother Theresa said, I alone cannot change the world, but I can cast a stone across the wall. To create ripple. So every time you put yourself out there, every time you, you say something on social media, you get that new client, you are helping to change the world. You are creating ripples in the universe.

You are changing lives because every time you help someone to overcome one of their obstacles, they in turn will show up more. Uh, differently and powerful and affect change in their own lives and influence people in a positive way. So becoming a graduate, no matter where you are in the spectrum of coaching, some of you are just starting out.

Some of you need it more skillsets. You are creating ripples, just being here, right? And you’re in this part of your journey. So never underestimate the power and effect you have on the world. You are changing the world. Okay. Uh, the next thing I want you to know is about when you are working with. Help them to identify.

You probably already know this, right? I want you to play chess, not checkers. Okay. If you understand both games, chess, um, is a strategic game, right. But, uh, checkers is also strategic, but it’s not as strategic as chess, right. Chess, you can win and just a couple of moves. Right.

So I’m bringing that up to allow you to see the difference between taking on or helping people to change a thousand habits versus the habits that will fuel the rest of their, their journey, or create the ripples in their life for other things to, um, be enhanced. Right.

So you probably know about Keystone habits, right? So the brain loves habits.

Most of our existence and behaviors and thoughts are unconscious. And that’s wonderful. But the more our clients understand the most important habits to focus on, um, the less energy they have to use in order to form those, the habits that are needed to enhance other parts of their lives.

So Keystone creates the ripple effects in other people’s lives. So be more strategic and how you serve your clients, helping them to really hone in on those important habits. Those Keystone habits that will affect change, like sleep. Right? If you ha, if you get down your habit of sleep, it works wonders for your productivity, your focus, your mood, right.

And your creativity throughout the day. So you just doing one key. Helps in other ways, right. Helps people to reach their goals. The next thing I want you to think about as you move forward in your coaching journey is helping your clients to go beyond. What am I talking about? I mean, after all you are habit coaches, right?

So you’re going to meet people where they are, right. They’re thinking about they’re coming to you because they want to change one habit. Maybe it’s eating better exercising, uh, being able to communicate better with their spouse, whatever it is, they’re coming to you at the level that they are.

But that doesn’t mean they have to stay there. Okay. And the reason why I want you to go beyond the habit is because, uh, we want them to, we want to inspire them to go higher. We want them to expand themselves. So the habit is one place, but there’s different levels of them. So. They may start with that habit, but let’s help them to go beyond, um, the habit, um, so that they can keep up the work because just taking on or trying to take on thousands and thousands of habits, um, it’s not sustainable.

So they, they have. Be able to become visionaries of their own lives, um, in order to get past those moments, um, in their habit, transform transformational journey, um, because the brain takes a lot of energy to form those. So we want to inspire them to have a bigger vision of themselves so that when they are picking, picking up new habits or going through the process of taking on new habits during the work, you know, getting up to exercise, feeling the pain, feeling the burn, eating right.

I mean, there is a lot of opportunities for the brain to say, I’m out. I received. Um, just take it too much energy. Um, I’m in my threat brain, it is hurting, uh, we don’t like pain, so that’s why we have to have something else. Um, a bigger goal. Like what is this exercise going to do to my overall health? How is it going to transform my relationships?

How is it going to help me to improve my own self worth? So those are the type of words that people can start looking in aspiring to be something even greater with the habit. I hope that makes. And the next thing I want you to know as you’re moving through this journey, um, uh, continuing on in this coaching journey is to think of yourself as an expert habit coach.

Why am I saying that? You know, normally you think of experts as people who are maybe surgeons or been in the field for decades, and maybe they have a thousand degrees, but in neuroscience we think of expertise and. How efficiently and effectively you can access your skillsets, your creativity, your thoughts, um, so that you can get to your goals or solution.

Okay. So we know from neuroscience, the brains of experts look different than people who are beginners or just kind of Moonlighting. So I really want you to take this journey as a coach seriously, because when you think of yourself as an expert, when you keep doing the work and building up your skill sets and taking on the clients and practicing and practicing your brain is becoming an expert.

And when your brain becomes an expert, you’re your brain energy. Becomes more efficiently, the way you use your brain becomes more effective. The way you access your genius goes up, your intuition goes out. So that’s why I want to encourage you to think of yourself as an expert from this day forward. Even if you don’t believe it yet, put it in your mind.

I’m planning to see now, and I need you to make it. By saying I’m becoming an expert in who I am, who I serve and how I do it, because if you don’t become experts in ourselves and our own journey, you know, then what’s the point, right? We’ll just be average in our own lives and our own personal lives. And I also want you to share this with your clients, encourage your clients to be experts in their own lives.

Encourage your clients to become experts in what makes them happy. What lifts them up? What inspires them, what habits they need to take on? What are the habits that will move them forward in life that will make them better. Parents, better spouses, better significant others, better teachers, better leaders.

You can’t go wrong when thinking of yourself as an expert in yourself first and then in the area you want to show up the most powerfully in. Okay. And the last, uh, the last process I want you to think about as you move along in your coaching journey is to be mission driven.

It’s not enough to have a goal. Or a task.

You need those, but they will only take you so far. They will only take your brain so far there’s limitations because once you finish the goal or task, what else is your brain going to go after? It’s like, we can make the goal to go to the moon, but there’s a whole universe out there, people. And not just that missions are more powerful than goals and tasks.

Even though goals and tasks include that are included in a mission, um, they’re more, they’re not as high up on the hierarchy scale in our minds. Um, as important because a mission just think of mission impossible, right. Mission to Mars, right. You’re you’re aiming big. It kind of scares you with.

And there’s only stuff to do to get there. So you’re setting all these goals and tasks to get there. And you, you may or may not get there. Maybe you get close to there, but at least you have something that really carries you through missions are inspiring missions. Create ripples missions will challenge, and missions will capitalize off your genius, your intuition, you will bring all of that with you.

The mission includes not just you. That’s the beautiful thing about missions as well. When you don’t feel like getting up in the morning when you don’t feel like talking to that client, when you don’t have energy, you go back to that mission statement.

That mission statement is that promise to yourself. To the world, because a mission includes the world. And I also want you to have your clients. To create their own personal mission statement. What values are important to them? What do they truly want in this life? So then when they get that resistance for those habits, because the brain is going to resist taking on energy or using up energy to take on habits, they can look to that mission and say, look, I can’t let this stop me because I need to get to this higher level.

I’m here to make sure that I’m in the best health possible so that I can see my kids graduate that or see them get married or something like that. Right. So, um, take them through their value systems, take them to their bigger, why as you are helping them to create, um, those habits. So my mission for the Optima Institute is to empower a hundred million miles.

To understand the brain as a greatest technology and use it to their highest levels of potential and help those. They serve to do the same and get the highest level of transformation.

I don’t know if I’ll ever get to a hundred million minds, but I get up every day showing up to serve and to reach as many people as possible so that I can make a difference in the world.

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