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daily stretching exercises

Why You Should Stretch Every Day

Stretching is a vital part of every workout, before and after. It works amazingly with Xwerks CBD Oil to help you recover after a hard session and has many benefits. Static stretching is a must for post-workout and, dynamic stretches and PNF techniques will help to increase performance if added to warm-ups, but what about days when you don’t workout? Daily stretching routines are vital to a complete health program.

Why Daily Stretching Is Important

1. Stretching increases muscle length.

Every day your muscles are shortening. Every step and movement is a contraction of your muscles, contractions pull the fibers of your muscles closer to each other. Over time this causes shortening. Daily stretches can combat that shortening and work to increase the length of targeted muscles.

2. Stretching helps your body bounce back from workouts.

Your muscles are still breaking down hours after your workout and just because you stretched after doesn’t mean they aren’t still shortening. That tightness you feel in your muscles is them getting shorter and ticker. Exercise shortens muscles rapidly because of the constant intense contractions occurring. Stretching will increase the length in these muscles and help your ability to bounce back from a difficult workout.

3. Stretches relieve stress.

Stretching daily can be your personal quiet time during the day. Even 5-10 minutes at a time can help to calm your nervous system and slow the production of nasty stress hormones. A long-term increase in stress hormones puts the body at risk for a wide range of health risks. While you may feel fine on a daily basis, minor stressors we accept as part of modern life will increase the stress hormones in your blood stream. Stretching can help calm the body and allow it to turn off the sympathetic nervous system. This will slow the release of the stress hormones and increase your body’s ability to recover and function. If you find that you get stressed easily, then there are a few other things that you can do to help you de-stress, such as taking things like this Chill TONIC or something similar. Sometimes it’s just nice to have other options, alongside stretching.

4. Stretches help avoid injury.

Injuries can be a major set back to your health and wellness goals. Injuries unfortunately will happen. However most can be avoided with mobility training. Many soft tissue exercises such as muscle/tendon/ligament sprains or strains occur because of a forceful stretch that pushes the joint into a position that is beyond it’s current range of motion. If you are stretching daily your body will increase it’s range of motion and these injuries will become less frequent

5. Complete your Program.

Daily stretching can be the missing piece to your fitness puzzle. The increased range of motion will help to improve all athletic performance and focus during activities. Many people workout, they do high-intensity training, cardio, strength training maybe yoga once or twice a week, but daily stretching and all its benefits will help every other aspect of your program.

How To Get Started Stretching

During your day try to add at least 5-10+ min of stretching. You can pick a daily routine and stick to it or alternate different muscle groups on different days Hopefully as you continue to stretch you’ll find more stretches and techniques for variety. Even a simple triceps stretch while you’re waiting for a bus or train can go a long way.

There’s not one specific routine to do, just find one that works for you and get started stretching!