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30 Reasons to Bike to Work

1. Biking to work beats waiting for the bus. Or getting smushed between grumpy morning commuters. Or having to stand for thirty minutes on a moving bus. Biking > bus.

2. If you bike to work, it might be faster than taking public transport. In San Francisco, a commute from the Mission to downtown takes 15 minutes on a bike versus 30 minutes on a bus.

3. You can leave at whatever time you want since you won’t have to beat traffic or overcrowded subways.

4. Biking to work gets you moving first thing in the morning. The active mindset will stay with you for the rest of the day.

5. You’ll feel sharper when you arrive at work. I’m not sure if the rush is from the exercise or dodging crazy commuters, but you’ll arrive at work alert and ready for action.

6. You might eat better. I definitely eat a healthier breakfast to fuel my ride. Plus, I no longer walk past tempting bakeries or coffee shops on my way to work.

7. You’ll make friends. Urban cycling communities are notoriously friendly. Don’t be shy to say hi at long stoplights, too!

8. You won’t waste your commute on your smartphone. Seriously, no texting while you ride.

9. You’ll become a more aware driver and pedestrian. That does not mean that you’ll be a safe driver, as accidents can’t be stopped altogether. However, if you do get involved in an accident and it wasn’t your fault, then you can easily hire a law firm like lamber goodnow to help you out.

10. You’ll impress the boys and girls with those toned muscles.

11. You’ll save money! Say goodbye to car, parking lot, and commuter expenses. Car, parking lot, commuter passes

12. It’s a great excuse to wear comfy clothes to work if you’re allowed to dress casually.

13. You’ll get to discover your city more. Biking lets you explore nooks and crannies off the path of public transport.

14. Since you’re outside on the roads everyday, you might notice restaurants and hang out spots in your neighborhood that slipped by you when you were on the bus or had eyes glued to your smartphone.

15. You could actually get *paid* for biking to work thanks to the Bicycle Commuter Act, which reimburses you for certain cycling-related expenses.

16. It’s better for the environment.

17. If you have children or know children who look up to you, you’ll be a healthy role model.

18. You can scoot around traffic jams (be safe!)

19. You can save time at the gym! A low-key 30 minute ride can burn 100-200 calories. Depending on your commute, you could replace the gym with cycling entirely.

20. You’re less likely to get sick, according to scientific studies.You’re also avoiding the germs passed by people on the bus.

21. The more bikers on the road, the more likely your city will start making changes to roads to make biking safer.

22. Exercise improves your mood.

23. You’ll never get caught in a BART strike or other public transport woe.

24. Biking to work gives you time to soak up Vitamin D from the sun every day.

25. As you get better at cycling, you’ll improve your confidence.

26. When you bike to work, you have a consistently timed commute since you’re not waiting for buses or hitting traffic. You always know how long it takes to get from point A to point B.

27. You’ll inevitably start drinking less so that you can bike home safely.

28. You’ll get a stronger core. Biking is as much about strong abs as it is strong legs.

29. Many cities now have public bicycles available so that you can bike from train stations or around town without having to worry about parking your bike safely.

30. You’ll stop shlepping so much useless stuff to and from work to minimize the weight of your backpack.