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Felix Macintosh

Felix Macintosh – a creative life

In this episode with Felix, we talked about:

  • as a producer, she supports the artists and tries to get the best of themselves;
  • she makes underground music, and her studio is in the underground.
  • the keystone habit for Felix is that she has to make a beat on her phone.
  • she plays bass and programs music.
  • choosing is not the same as making.
  • boredom is a good source of creativity.
  • Alienation and acceleration Hartmut Rosa (interview with Rosa on Arte in German) What do we lose when we save time. Lecture by Rosa in English Hartmut Rosa: Social Acceleration, Alienation, and Resonance
  • Music is the space in between the notes.
  • We need more space.
  • Turn your phone off for more boredom in your life.
  • Getting past the starting friction.
  • Making something makes you really happy.
  • The art always comes back and finds you.
  • Music in business can cause problems, but it is the trouble that we need.

Felix is championing mature musicians.

She helps musicians and producers actually make music.

You will break through creative blocks by establishing a daily music making practise.

We mentioned:

You can find Felix here:

Books she recommends:

 “Time Warriors arrange the “chaos” around them by slowing down–way, way down–and then letting go of people-pleasing, approval-seeking and every shade of mood-based and future-based thinking.”
my favorite book on creative practice this year was

Felix also recommends the creative whack pack app. Really useful for everyone. it is also available as a set of cards –