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Lidia Chmel burnout mid-life

Lidia Chmel – Staying true to yourself

In this episode with Lidia, we talked about:

  • frameworks and structures for coaching;
  • habit coach certification
  • the size of a coaching cohort in challenges;
  • Obligers;
  • burnout at startups;
  • double responsibility for women;
  • scale of burnout, with 12 stages;
  • resilience;
  • her book on mid-life crises;
  • movie coaching;
  • optimism.

We mentioned:

You can find Lidia here:

Lidia is guiding women through life transitions and turbulent times so that they feel grounded and confident, and able to face current and future challenges.

We will talk about burnout and how to prevent / overcome it as well as slow productivity framework and deep life!