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How I Meditate: Rodrigo Franco

“I believe meditation works wonders against procrastination.”

Rodrigo Franco is a web and mobile applications developer and Ruby on Rails expert and longtime user. He’s also a longtime meditator who learned how to meditate from his grandmother when he was just a kid. Rodrigo told us how meditation has helped him prioritize better and how he finds ways to incorporate mindfulness throughout the day.

Why did you start meditating? What was your goal?

When I was a kid, my grandma was always meditating. I found it so cool and wanted to do the same, so she taught me. From there on, meditation has become part of my life.

What is your meditation routine?

I currently do a daily ‘mental defragmentation’ before sleeping. I spend about 20 minutes trying to calm my mind and letting the thoughts pass around. I do some body-scanning, then I’m ready to sleep.

I also try to be mindful whenever I remember to. In the gym, while eating, etc. After one hour of heavy typing at my computer, an alarm sounds. I use this opportunity to rest my hands, and to try to focus on the present.

How has meditation improved your productivity?

I believe meditation works wonders against procrastination. Being aware of and realigning yourself with the present beats the automatic routines and helps me get to the work that matters.

Do you think that meditation gives you a competitive edge?

Absolutely. It’s known that people who meditate reacts better to unforeseen situations, care less about trivial things, and live happier lives. All of that, in my opinion, in itself, is a competitive edge.

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