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Directory of Lift Coaches

Below is a list of coaches that you can hire on Lift.

We’re getting closer to launching one-on-one coaching inside Lift. Chat has been live on web and Android for a few weeks, and just went live on the iPhone today. This is how you keep in touch with your coach.

But we won’t have hiring coaches available until the next release. Until then, here’s a partial list of coaches that are available.

Stones Balance


Paul Robinett

is the Lift accountability coach for One Priority who will help you focus and find your most valuable task to complete each day. He is an inventor and entrepreneur who has achieved success in retail, music, and technology.

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Stones Balance

Dane Sanders

Dane Sanders

is two-time Random House author, speaker, podcaster and now accountability coach here at Lift.

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Cecily Kellogg

Cecily Kellogg

is a Lift coach for #500WED. She blogs at Uppercase Woman, runs a content marketing consultancy, and writes for Disney/Babble.

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Stones Balance


Samara Serotkin

is the Lift coach for Mindful Accountability. She’s a mindfulness expert who studied under Buddhist teacher Thich Nhat Hanh and wrote her doctoral thesis on creativity, self-actualization and mindfulness.

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no sweets


Heather Conine

is the Lift accountability coach for No Sweets who will help you reduce your sugar intake.

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Now: More coaches!

Check out these additional coaches and plans!

10×10 Fitness. A beginner fitness plan for people who are trying to get back into shape. Hire Coach Marcey

If you believe in keystone habits, try Coach Lindi for: Stop and enjoy life or Make bed every morning

Stick to a diet. You know what you should be eating, you just need to do it. Hire Coach Danielle

Slow Carb Diet. Slow Carb was the top performer in our Quantified Diet study. Try a coach who’s successfully adopted this diet. Hire Coach George

Inbox Zero. Overwhelmed with email? Hire Coach Ruwan

No video games. Addicted? I’ve been there. Hire Coach Adam

Use Pomodoro Technique. This is the 25 minutes of focus, 5 minutes of play approach to productivity. Hire Coach Brad

Write three positive things about today. No doubt, positive thinking is the first step toward a better life. Hire Coach Sebastien

Talk to at least one stranger. Break your shy streak. Hire Coach Ruwan

Run. This is one of the goals our CEO is being coached in. It’s making him much more consistent. Hire Coach George

Play Lumosity. A coach to help you train your brain. Hire Coach Switcy

10k Steps. Stick to a base level of daily activity. Hire Coach Ian

Check email max 3times a day. Hire Coach Tomas

Play Guitar. You need to practice. Hire Coach Jeff

Wake up on time. Build this habit for higher quality sleep. Hire Coach Jeff

Tell my wife I love her. Hint, it’s not just how often but also how. Hire Coach Soren