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7 Habit Hacks from reddit Moms


We thought it would be cool to investigate the habits of new moms.

But since we’re not moms, we asked moms on reddit what habits helped them stay sane during the first months of mommyhood.

We learned from mothers at Mommit and BeyondTheBumpsubreddits that their goals are not much different from our own: eat right, work out, get enough sleep, etc. Moms just have to get creative to fit their habits in since they have less* free time and everything they do now includes two.

Here are their tips:

1. Shower…with the baby.

“If you’re alone and the kiddo won’t hang out while you’re in the shower, take them in with you. I know it sounds scary in the beginning, but skin sticks really well to skin. For babies learning can happen anywhere, so do not be afraid to sing an educational song to your baby to keep things fun and entertaining too. I get in, wash my little guy, then put him in a baby tub at my feet while I shower….It has saved my sanity on more than one occasion.”— bossybeans

2. Brush your teeth…whenever you can.

“Brush your teeth! At every opportunity.You might fall asleep at any time, and you want them the closest to clean possible. A lot of new moms get cavities for the first time.”— jillianjillianjiggs

3. Sleep…during your kid’s nap time.

“No matter what there is to do around the house, or how much you feel like you aren’t getting anything done… if you are tired when the baby goes down for a nap, you do it too.”—Sommiel

4. During your workout, lift…the baby.

“I miss when my daughter was tiny, I would strap her to my chest and do a round of Wii Fit step. She liked the movement and I got a workout with a 10 lb weight!”—Tenoreo90

5. Invite your friends over…to do the dishes.

“I was so embarrassed about the mess that was my house, I didn’t want anyone over. But I quickly learned that they will come over anyway as long as there’s a baby there. Let them clean, cook, walk the dog, fold laundry, or even just chat with you like an adult human being….makes a world of difference.”—ZouBisouBisou

6. Start dating… your friends.

“I call my girlfriends and ask them on dates now. It gives me quality time with friends, making sure they know I’m still there while also getting time to feel like a normal person again …it really did a lot for my sanity and my husband got to see me in something other than sweats or dirty, puked on jeans”—ZouBisouBisou

7. Make your job… a family affair.

This hack didn’t come from reddit, it’s from our friend and new momJean Hsu. She and her husband Tyler came up with a creative way to keep both of their jobs while taking care of their newborn:

“My husband Tyler and I share a desk at work, but we’re never there at the same time. On any given weekday, one of us is working at Medium. The other person is at home, taking care of Alina, our 10-week-old baby girl.”

Take Action:

Right Now: If you’re a mom,do something for yourself today, even if it’s just a shower. Not a mom? Do something for someone who is, even if it’s just a text hello.

Then: Check out the Rookie Moms group on Lift, a community for new moms to support each other in building healthy habits. You can also read more tips from reddit moms at Mommit andBeyondTheBump .