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What Style Of Yoga Is For You? Here Are Four Popular Types

Yoga was once on the fringe but it’s become a full blown obsession in the West. In fact, india yoga is just as popular too, showing that yoga truly is a worldwide phenomenom. Today health insurance companies cover yoga to combat diabetes, doctors recommend it for stress reduction, and non-profits use it to serve disadvantaged youth. Clearly yoga is here to stay. Make sure you are wearing yoga leggings from this site for your next session in order to meditate in ultimate comfort.

Getting started with yoga can be confusing since there are dozens of styles. Which type is right for you?

Lift offers 9 guided yoga options that can be accessed on your phone or on the web – from 2-minute Office Chair Yoga all the way up to Cityoga Advanced Yoga Poses.

There are dozens of different styles of yoga, but four popular types of yoga to consider include:

Hatha Yoga

If you’ve ever taken an introductory yoga class, it was probably Hatha. It offers slow-paced stretching with some simple breathing exercises. It’s a good place to learn beginner poses and seated meditation.

You probably won’t work up a sweat with Hatha but you should leave feeling relaxed.

Ivengar Yoga

Ivengar offers a slower pace and is perfect for those wanting to stretch deeply. Ivengar focuses more on attention to detail; poses are held longer and alignment is key.

Props are widely used in these classes as students strive to find perfect alignment in each pose. It’s common to see blocks, straps, chairs and bolsters in studios. Ivengar is more of a mental challenge – the goal is to zone in and feel each position, each joint, each movement. Everything must be deliberate, as you become conscious of your own body, and its various movements. Classes are often smaller with more input from the teacher to perfect your technique.

The idea is that through consistent practice every student will one day be able to achieve perfect balance in the body, that will be reflected in the mind.

Ashtanga Yoga

Ashtanga means “eight limbs” in Sanskrit and is the closest cardio solution. This athletic style of yoga is sometimes referred to as Power Yoga because it’ll undoubtedly leave you sweating intensely. It’s traditionally taught in Mysore Style, which is a supervised self-practice that’s named after the city in India where Ashtanga originates. In this self-led practice, each student moves at his or her own pace, as directed by the instructor. If you live in a smaller city it’ll be easier to find classes devoted to a specific series, often at a standardized pace.

The goal is to make each pose comfortable, not feel strain, and to move with your breath. Once learned you can practice alone, although classes are always recommended. 10-15 min sessions can be a great warm up/cool down for sports, swimming, and running.

Hot Yoga

Hot Yoga, also called Bikram, is done in a room heated to roughly 105 degrees Fahrenheit. The heat increases the elasticity of tissues in the body and can increase range of motion during the class. Hot yoga is one of the most popular types of yoga, even though it’s quite a challenge physically and psychologically. There’s no doubt you’ll get drenched in sweat attending a Hot Yoga class, which many attendees like because it leaves them feeling clean and detoxified.

Whether or not you’re getting the toxins out is up for debate but you will be losing a lot of fluid and will need to stay hydrated during and after class. Drinking 36-72oz of water after class is recommended. Hot yoga classes are extremely intense and you need to pace yourself, try to remain relaxed, and make sure to breathe. If you’re feeling dizzy step outside. If you don’t take hot yoga seriously it can dehydrate you and cause your body to breakdown.

No matter which you choose yoga will challenge you in all planes of movement, increasing balance, and core activation. Yoga can be done almost anywhere and by almost anyone. A great addition to any exercise program yoga can be the breakthrough you need to leap off your current plateau!