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riding bike to work

How To Burn Calories Without Going To The Gym

Our ancestors never had to worry about going to a gym because people used to be more active in their daily lives. Today the gym is often seen as the default option for exercise, but it’s not. Gyms can be expensive, inconvenient or even boring so we’ve come up with a list of fun ways to burn calories without going to the gym.

Bike to work

Every year more and more people are ditching public transportation, and cars for the bicycle. Cities are even installing bike share programs all around the world, as a green and healthy alternative. While biking is not not for everyone those who make this change will reap it’s benefits. You pretty much just have fun, ride your bike, pay attention and get a nice light workout on your way to work. Are you ready to commit to riding your bike now?!

Take the stairs

Whenever you have the option, take the stairs. It might not seem like much but every step is activating your gluteal and leg muscles. Some people go to the gym and only use the stair master – instead just walk up real stairs in your office/apartment building. If you live on the 2nd floor it won’t provide a killer workout but it will be another healthy choice and they all add up over time. My friend just moved from a bungalow to a house with stairs from here and she says it’s helped her health tremendously! It’s the little things that matter.

Join a sports team

Sports are often free to those who participate in pick-up games. If you’re not experienced there’s tons of new social leagues staring every season. Even if you don’t have any experience there’s a team or sport for you. Today’s most popular are Dodge ball, Kickball Frisbee and Softball. This can help make exercise fun, and social. You’ll probably be more motivated to workout and have more intensity during you’re workouts.

Have a daily yoga/stretching routine

Yoga and stretching activates your core stabilizing muscles, increases your heart rate, lengthens muscles and helps lubricate joints and body tissues. Stretching daily won’t incinerate calories but it is a perfect add on to your current program.

Stand while you’re at work

The body shuts down it’s core while it is seated especially the gluteus maximus. Studies show extended sitting has a correlation with increased risk for cardio vascular disease, cancer and morality from various health degrading causes. Take calls standing or stand while reading, and see if anyone quirky wants to do their meetings standing. There’s even new desks built higher for this exact purpose!

Do push-ups 3x a week

Push-ups are the gold standard for upper-body pushing strength and endurance. Best part about them is there are tons of variations so they can be done by absolute beginners (against wall, on knees) or even the most advanced (one arm, one finger). No matter how many you can do, even if its 1-5, doing push-ups 3 times a week will get you stronger and help activate your core, burning extra calories without working up a big sweat. Here are a few of our favorite body weight plans:

  1. Pushup Challenge – Level 1
  2. 14 Days to 100 Burpees
  3. 30-Day Plank Challenge – Level 1

Watch exercise videos online

This is a great way to save some money. If you’re paying for classes or a membership and trust yourself enough to start working out alone this can really be a good option. Read some reviews online so you know what’s best for you and try it out. The videos or program will help keep you motivated and honest. Just push play.

Practice Tai-chi

Tai-chi will help you internalize your movement and develop the awareness of your center. The light movements and thoughtful breath will help to improve balance and burn a few extra calories.

Walk nearby trails

If you are tired and can’t get yourself to workout, but you really need to move and your feeling antsy, just walk. How often do you really observe the world around you while you’re walking? Most of the time you might find yourself preoccupied with where you are going or where you have just come from. Walking without a destination burns a few calories while you appreciate a different view on your world.