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Lift Tip: Rewards for Good Habits

Have you ever used rewards as incentives to build habits? Lifter John Muldoon has implemented them in the past with success. He told us about his favorite reward: dinner with his wife.

How do you reward yourself for building a good habit?

“The first [monthly habit] experiment I did on the blog was to stop working at five. I made a deal with myself that everyday I stopped work at five I was going to take my wife out to dinner. So we went out to dinner 25 times in January 2012. We spent a lot of money but it was great for us to connect. When it came time to 4:00, I wasn’t dreading my work I was just excited about going out to dinner with my wife. That was the best reward that I’ve done [when building habits].”

Warning: A truck rolled by at 0:36–be prepared to lower the volume.