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Lift for Everyone

Starting today, Lift is available for everyone. Head to our new web app from any browser on any computer or smartphone.


Lift is a goal tracker with community support. You can’t change what you don’t measure—tracking your progress is the first step toward achievement.

Beyond goal tracking, the Lift community has grown into a powerful force for answers, accountability, and cheerful support.

Picking up new habits and building toward new goals isn’t trivial work, but, together, we are creating a support system that can work for any person and any goal.

Below are details on what we’re launching today.

Lift on Your Computer

Now you can use Lift from your computer. It’s everything that was great about our original iPhone app: quick tracking, progress, streaks, graphs and community support.


Lift for Your Mobile Phone

If you have an iPhone, then download the iPhone version. If you don’t, then open up Lift in your browser. Our mobile web version is pretty sweet. It’s what people call responsive design—the app adjusts in size to work on any device including mobile phones and tablets.

I know, I know, a bunch of you want a native Android version. We have a release-when-ready policy around here. If you absolutely must have an Android app today, join our Android beta testing program and answer “barely baked” to the second question.

Is there more?!?

Oh yeah! Look around. A lot has changed if you haven’t seen Lift in a while.

If you want to turn into your own amateur behavior designer, read our Science of Lift post.

Or, you can take a peek at what’s coming next: expert guidance and accountability in the form of groups. Think of these like training plans.

You can create your own or join one of our friends who’ve bravely decided to test our first version of this feature. Each of these groups is run by experts:

The 4-Hour Body with Tim Ferriss
Sea Change with Zen Habits
Month of Mindfulness with
Metabolism Recalibration with Darya Rose
Rapid Results with Jairek Robbins
Reach Your Investing Goals with @betterment
Become More Charitable with
Smart Passive Income with Pat Flynn
Early to Rise with Andry Traub
First Time Parent Tips with @rookiemoms.



As always, we love to hear from you. Email me directly at or the team at Or use Twitter: @liftapp.

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Tony, Jon, Matt, Erin, Alicia, Matt and Sonya.